Curators: Marta Flisykowska, Marta Kołacz | cooperation: DESK Design Collective
photos: Joanan Radziuk, Jakub Stojałowski


We Will Sea exhibition is an attempt to move forward and take a step back sideways, as it were. On the one hand we will see installations
that are a certain archaeology of the future that consist of objects that are remnants of the world of the future that we are designing today. Through their work, the young designers will invite us to go on a trip to the future of design, where the exhibits, not unlike science-fiction props, concern a world we have yet to know. The second part of the exhibition consist of objects dedicated to the present day, which are a showcase of the attitudes towards design represented by Gdańsk design students. This is a step to the side, as it were. An attempt to have a look at the objects that take shape in the studios from the point of view of the expectations that stand before the discipline and designers today. The university is a melting pot, a place where there is a mix of the personalities who run the studios, where the students become imbued with design practice, but also with design theory. It is a place that is the beginning of the road for successive generations of designers. In the face of the challenges presented at Łódź Design Festival 2014, it is well worth asking today – who will they grow up to be


More about The Archaeology of the Future and The Baltic Lab you might find in the monograph

Design For The Future