6-15.07.2019 Gdynia Design Days 2019

curator: Marta Flisykowska

author of visual communication: Agata Janiszewska

The exhibition „We need more space” was part of the Gdynia Design Days 2019. The slogan for the festival is polarization. The exhibition showed a fragment all the Polish initiatives with regards to space. The idea of the exhibition was not only to show objects and tools, but above all to present people and their motivations, their passion and knowledge materialized. The slogan „We need more space” is not unambiguous and in this aspect it also refers to the theme of the festival. In addition to presenting the people and projects related to space, at the exhibition you could also learn something that was not obvious at first glance; sometimes it was technological curiosities, another time the hidden depth of problems and challenges faced by those behind their implementation.

You can find more in the exhibition catalog published on my site and zbrojowniasztuki.pl

The exhibition was also to refer to the idea of polarization. Participants went through a symbolic base where they received two pairs of glasses at the entrance. The exhibition contained information that was only readable in blue glasses as well as hidden information visible upon putting on the red ones. The visitor thus could become familiar with the content of the exhibition in two ways. The information was not possible to be read without glasses – only after putting on the blue or red ones the relevant content was visible. The blue ones were more official and informative, while the red ones concerned private or less official matters. All items at the exhibition were original, some of them even shown in Poland for the first time. The entire exhibition was divided into an information point – base and the exploration part where the light was chosen in such a way as to reflect the nature of exploration. In the background of the entire exhibition ambient sounds could be heard. There was also a live feed from a camera from an international space station

The exhibition has been prepared under the honorary patronage of the Polish Space Agency and portal We Need More Space