Ethnographic project on the cultural heritage of the “Pyzdry Forest”. One of the elements of the cultural landscape left in these lands by Olędrzy are iron houses. The lands which Olędrzy settled were of very poor quality but they managed to develop them and produce crops there. The building material for the houses was iron ore, occurring in this area. Research conducted in this area involved not only ethnographers and architects, but also geologists and metallurgists.

I used the research on vegetation in the Pyzdry Forest area conducted by scientists from the Department of Botany at the August Cieszkowski University of Agriculture to identify some of the most popular medicinal plants found on turf soil meadows to design ornamental motifs.


photos from Przemysław and Wiesława Kowalscy Towarzystwo Kulturalne “Echo Pyzdr” 



by Marta Flisykowska

cooperation Agata Janiszewska







by Marta Flisykowska




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