Marta Flisykowska MA, Phd.

Independent artist, researcher and lecturer. She works at the Faculty of Architecture and Design in Gdańsk in the Experimental Design Studio, and Speculative Design.

My teaching and research involve experimental design and speculative design. I am interested in the human element in the field of technology. I like to study culture code and use my passion for space, anthropology and futurology in my projects, exhibitions and publications. My pieces often concern the interdependence between digital fabrication tools in material culture context

She actively participates in various project undertakings, she’s been a curator at numerous exhibitions and workshops, her works were displayed at international fairs and exhibitions such as Milan, Paris, Munich, Las Vegas, or Beijing.

She’s been working on the project of Trend Book since its beginning (2011-2019), where she publishes her articles and projects. The author of a monograph titled “Design For The Future” 2014 A participant and panellist at research conferences.

Privately, she loves mountains, cycling and sci-fi.



photo: Iza Skałecka