Who nose? - boxer

Who nose? – boxer

Who nose? – boxer

a) utilising the experience of mountaineers, we know that the nose being an extensive part of the body, is the most prone to frostbite. Additionally, it is also subject to sunburns due to sun rays being reflected from snow. Burns also occur at the bottom of the chin or neck, according to Adam Bielecki, a Polish mountaineer.
Mountaineers use special bands and tapes for covering noses and cheeks that protect against temperature and sun. For this purpose, the model of this nose is made more flat and it sticks out less

b) the width and size of nostrils in this case is also related to the sense of better ventilation and deeper breath. In the world of animals, such a reference can be observed in the African Buffalo.

c) Wide biomimical nostrils and flattened nose may also affect one’s self-confidence. The above-mentioned African Buffalo is one of the most dangerous animals in the World, which is enhanced by the specific nose appearance. An additional stylistic reference regarding a flat nose and wide nostrils is the structure of boxers’ noses, which due to numerous injuries resulting from fights, modify the nose appearance. In the context of new attractiveness, it could create another subject of discussions.

d) from the point of view of functionality, such a nose would also be less prone to injuries relating to long use of helmets, that would break the nose in the case of a fall or trip, without securing it.