ARTIST: Marta Flisykowska

Organiser: Adam Mickiewicz Institute


Coordination: Olga Jankowska

Technological support: SKALP Robotics Association (Mateusz Dyrda, Patrycja Matejek, Mateusz Witka-Jeżewski, Rafał Rzeczkowski)




The installation “Do you feel connected?” is a real-time data visualization built of 19 separate beams of light, each of which represents a specific value such as love, wisdom, creativity, safety, kindness, and empathy. Together they make a whole, a palisade reacting to a constant flow of data uploaded online.


The installation is a direct reference to Stanisław Lem’s “Summa technologiae,” in which this world-class science-fiction writer poses a question of how one could imagine an object of sociocybernetics. The nineteen elements, nineteen values, constituting the installation, symbolize the year of 2019, which marks the outbreak of the pandemics and the moment the world was brought to a halt. This is also the time when the opportunity has arisen to build the world anew on the foundations of selected values.

Each of the nineteen beams represents a specific value. Each of the values has its own hashtag (#love #solidarity). Each time a specific hashtag is published online, the
installation absorbs the data and projects it as a light signal on the beam of light representing a given value. This way, what we can observe in real time, in the
physical world, and in a visual form, is an ongoing discussion about what connects us.

This way, the installation represents a collective of connected people. Together we make a whole. In the world characterized by such phenomena as polarization and secondary
tribalism, the world where people are set in their ways unwilling to adopt or see a different perspective, the installation artists have put forward a thesis that there is  something that brings us all together regardless of conflicts and misunderstandings.

These are universally shared values such as kindness, wisdom, love, friendship, balance, independence, justice, and respect.

Echoes of the “Do You Feel Connected?” Installation. Introduction and ending about Stanisław Lem✨ is in Korean, interview in English with the curator of the Gwangju Biennale – 광주 비엔날레. But it’s a Pole Przemysław Krompiec who speaks Korean and the interview is with Italian curator Simone Carena. Culture code about multiculti I love🥰🚀 Additionally, I am impressed with how the curator read my intentions, something digital but real; retrofutyrism; raised the nature of installations with universal values in the context of Dub Revolution The installation was built in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park


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